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Data Analyst - Industrial PC-Computer Hardware

Lanner Electronics USA Inc. have established ourselves as a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge industrial PC products. Our products include network security and embedded computer system. We are searching for an Data Analyst, especially in the computer hardware discipline.

Postion: Data Analyst

  • 1. Collect data from various Lanner internal data collection systems including the Shop Floor Information system,
  • Abnormal Notice Process system and e-Maker system; organize and analyze it for completeness;
  • and report any issues with the data collection systems to the management.
  • 2. Use the most practical and accurate combination and sequence of computational methods to condense the large amounts
  • of raw data into manageable and comprehensible packets carrying information about component performance,
  • for both existing and in-development advanced network appliances, utilizing data reduction software,
  • which requires application of advanced math skills.
  • 3. Analyze the reduced data it to determine if component performance meets quality assurance standards by translating the reduced data into equations,
  • tables, performance graphs, or other types of visual charts in order to analyze the performance of the various advanced network appliance components.
  • 4. Utilize data visualization and reporting software to create said graphs and charts, and utilize the equations, charts and graphs to create summary reports regarding component performance.
  • 5. Apply standardized mathematical formulas, principles, and methodology to the solution of technological problems involving component performance for advanced network appliances.
  • 6. Utilize advanced math methodologies to develop mathematical models to determine which solution will achieve the best result.
  • 7. Conduct additional analyses to determine if the solution does not have any adverse effects on the performance of any of the other advanced
  • network appliance components and develop mathematical models that lead to the best overall component performance.
  • 8. Meet with engineers and technicians to discuss findings regarding any performance or quality issues discovered during the data analyses.
  • 9. Regularly re-formulate data interpretation based on addition of new data collected by comparing and identifying the areas of change and
  • present the new findings to the engineering department for their use.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics or Economics + two years of relevant work experience.

Job Location: Fremont, CA

  • Lanner Electronics USA, Inc., 47790 Westinghouse Drive, Fremont, CA 94539

Please send resume to: hr_us@lannerinc.com .

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