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Referral Program

The purpose of the Referral Program is to reach out to vendors, customers, and manufacturers to refer new customers to Lanner USA. For any successful referral of new customer with order over $10,000 one shot or cumulative, Lanner USA will provide a one time reward of $1000. The information below will provide more details to the Referral Program.

What is considered as a new customer?

A new customer is considered as a company or individual, whom Lanner USA does not have any prior relation or has never completed any sales transaction before.

How is the $1000 rewarded?

Please contact our Sales Team at sales_us@lannerinc.com. There is a referral application form to be filled out. The
application will require the following information.

  • Referrer information
  • Referred business partner or friend information
  • Time stamp- Date of Referral

Then, the referral must meet the following conditions to be valid.
  • A PO must be placed with Lanner USA and remained valid until the completion of transaction. If the order is cancelled at any point before completion of transaction, the referral will be disqualified.
  • Referral must not already exist in our database. (You'll have to take our word on it)
  • You/your referral must make it clear either on a cover letter or a conversation with one of our representatives to tag candidate as your referral.
  • We will honor referral fee if we use your referral within one year based on approved receipt date of referral's contact information.

When all the conditions are met, our Sales Manager will contact the referrer to arrange referral reward. At this point, our Accounting dept will require the referrer to fill out Form 1099-MISC for tax reporting purpose. The fund will be paid within 45 days upon completion of Referral Program.

What are some of the exclusions to Referral Program?

  • All existing customers of Lanner USA and its affiliated parent company Lanner Electronics Inc.
  • Any referral from Lanner Sales team


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