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Custom Products

At Lanner, we specialize in providing customer-centric product customization to develop your product from the concept stage to mass production. We provide custom design and manufacturing services to integrate your products and your brand imaging, and deliver a complete solution that is ready for your end user.

Mechanical Design

Cosmetic Finishes

Customized Packing

System Configuration

Software Services


Mechanical Design
Mechanical Design

Custom chassis

Whether you need a 1U, 2U or a half rack solution, Lanner's mechanical engineers can design or customize a chassis to meet your needs. We offer full custom chassis services to make your appliance a cut above the pack.

Our service portfolio includes:
  • High-integration concepts for dual motherboard systems
  • Cableless appliance designs
  • Robust thermal solutions
  • FIPS compliance
  • Rugged environment design
  • Custom front bezels (see "cosmetic finishes")
  • Network module integration

Thermal Solutions

The mechanical thermal solution is of key importance for stable operation. Lanner's mechanical team is highly trained in designing excellent thermal solutions for tough deployment scenarios. Recent successes include designing a completely fanless network appliance for an industrial firewall application.

FIPS Compliance

Serving the US government requires meeting stringent FIPS chassis mechanical guidelines. Lanner is well versed with FIPS requirements and can custom-tailor a solution to match.

Cableless Design

Removing the cables from a network appliance improves long-term reliability. Lanner has successfully developed products with zero internal cables. Talk to an account manager for more information on the advantages of cable-less network appliances.


Cosmetic Finishes
Cosmetic FinishesLanner understands that you want the network appliance to reflect your brand and we take an active role to help make that happen. Lanner can customize your network appliance in several ways to provide the look and feel you require.

Mylar Face-plates

Mylar faces-plates are a fast and cost effective way to give your network appliance a distinctive look. Your faceplate can be designed to fit your unique branding requirements, and will add a touch of your company to your product. Lanner's in-house design team can help you create that special nameplate to your company's CIS requirements, or we can provide you with the mechanical template for you to do in house.

Custom Bezel

A custom bezel is a fantastic way to make an impact with your network appliance. We have years of experience creating classy product designs that help our customers set their brand apart. Because of our experience, we take customers through the entire process, from cost volume analysis through to design, tooling and manufacturing.

Chassis Color and Finish

It's your product and your style. Tell us what color you require and what finish will best suit your market and make your appliance stand out, and we'll manage the rest.

Chassis Treatments

Indenting a logo on the top or side of your network appliance adds that something extra to set your appliance apart.

Design Services

Lanner's experienced mechanical engineers and graphic design team can take charge of your cosmetic finishes according to your guidelines. Tell us what you require and we'll create the logos, images, packaging and labeling to make your appliance look and feel just how you imagined it.


Customized Packing
Customized PackingLanner takes charge of the fine details and provides you with all the documents you need to immediately deploy your application.

Shipping Boxes

We provide full service packaging design, including inner and outer boxes, packing foam and accessory boxes. Packing boxes can be printed in single, dual or full color according to your requirements.

Labels, Serial Number and MAC Addresses

Our automated production process keeps track of every unit's serial number and MAC address during production. Details are used to create product and shipping labels per your specifications. With each shipment you receive a full list of all serial and MAC addresses, making it easy to track products in the field.

Manual and Support Materials

Support materials help reinforce your brand identity. Lanner arranges the design and printing of your CDs, manuals, and any other support materials you require to your brand specifications.


System Configuration
System Configuration Our product team can talk you through the range of configuration options available and help you select the best price/performance components from long-life supply embedded roadmaps. Utilize our expertise in long-supply components to extend the life of your appliance and maximize your return on investment.

Common long-supply component considerations:
  • Processor
  • DRAM
  • Expansion cards
  • CF card
  • Hard drive

Preconfigured Units

As the final stage in the assembly process, Lanner can install your software on the network appliance, so you receive a fully functioning unit with your latest software configuration. Simply upload your firmware to our secure servers and we'll load the software and send you a completion report.


Software Services

BIOS, Firmware and Drivers

Customized BIOS Settings

Need your BIOS set prior to shipping? Lanner's BIOS engineers can create a specific BIOS build for your application, making deployment easier for everyone involved. Furthermore, because the BIOS is made to spec, you can reset the BIOS making it easy to clear the BIOS when necessary without having to reload your settings.

Firmware and Drivers

Lanner has a strong team of firmware and driver software engineers to help you get your application up and running on Lanner hardware. Our team specializes in network driver coding, Cavium OCTEON firmware, RMI firmware and open source Linux drivers for Intel and VIA platforms.

Splash Screen

Deliver a consistent brand message by enabling a corporate splash screen during the boot phase of your network appliance. Lanner can load this splash screen as the default in all your network appliances.

Windows XP Embedded

Lanner is a Microsoft partner of the year and has over 10 years experience building OS platforms for embedded applications. If you need a platform with embedded XP, we can provide the first build and the license to match. Ask your account manager for more information.


Embedded Linux distributions and hardened Linux kernels for network security appliances. Lanner possesses a wealth of experience developing platforms with embedded Linux, as well as integrated topologies linking the hardware, middleware, OS and the customer's application.


PrototypesYour first prototype is a milestone in the appliance development process. Lanner has over 20 standard appliances on shelf that ship within a few days of your first inquiry. The first prototype serves as a platform for developing your software application as well as a stepping stone to a complete branded unit.

Architecture Approval

Your first prototype allows you to port your application to the appliance and benchmark its performance, both network and processing. During this stage Lanner can help you with testing guidelines and BIOS tuning to maximize the performance of your appliance.


Lanner has a wealth of experience certifying hardware platforms for government safety standards. All platforms are CE, FCC and RoHS certified as standard and we can take charge of any other certifications you require.

Golden Sample

Upon completion of all cosmetic modifications and certifications, we'll create two golden samples for your final approval. One golden sample will remain with your account manager to serve as a test machine if any issues arise.


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