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ODM Services

Lanner provides a full package engineering and manufacturing service to bring your product to market with exacting specifications and remarkable quality.

Engineering Services

Manufacturing Services

Quality Assurance

Engineering Services
Engineering ServicesCustomers trust Lanner engineering services because of our commitment to the ODM business model and our extensive experience in developing and producing products to precise customer specifications.

Engineering Services Overview

Lanner has the engineering capacity to create completely customized hardware platforms per our client's request. Our experienced development team walks you through the entire process, from selecting your core architecture, to network considerations to defining your final specification.


Customer Centric

At Lanner, we pride ourselves on our full-service approach of providing industry-leading products, rapid time-to-market delivery, flexibility and customer support. Lanner commits itself to delivering complete, cost-effective solutions customized to clients' specific needs. We provide frontline technical products for industry-leading name brands coupled with quality service. Our loyal customer base exemplifies our dedication to meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our thorough understanding of market nuances stems from over twenty years of experience across a variety of IT fields and makes us a first-choice vendor for numerous ODM/OEM customers.

Engineering Services Advantages

Lanner's ODM engineering services focus on developing products in coordination with our partners. Advantages of working with Lanner Engineering Services include:
  • Familiarity with ODM working models
  • Over 80% of R&D resources devoted to ODM projects
  • Strong software support to link between the hardware platform and the customer's application
  • Leading partnerships with best-in-class silicon vendors
  • Consolidated project management and R&D teams to serve ODM customers
  • Seamless communication between R&D and factory
  • Strict design processes and controls
  • Modular design concept provides enhanced flexibility and speed
  • Commitment to continuously improve on ODM's requirements

Application Development Model



Manufacturing Services
Manufacturing ServicesLanner owns and operates its own in-house state of the art SMT, DIP, assembly and testing facilities. By maintaining control of the entire manufacturing process, we ensure the integrity of your end product through our tight production procedures, integrated quality assurance programs and rigorous design quality.

Customer-Centric Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing ensures the stability, quality control and compatibility of our customers' end products. Our in-house DIP and SMT lines, In-line Circuit Testing Machines, Automated Optical Inspection and Manual Insertion production lines incorporate advanced production and testing equipment to ensure optimum product quality and maximum yield for our customers.


Lanner offers the following manufacturing services:
  • PCB design
  • Motherboard production
  • Expansion card manufacturing
  • System assembly
  • System integration
  • Extensive burn-in
  • Rigorous system testing and stressing
  • Serial number integration
  • White-room confidentiality
  • Secure online manufacturing schedules

Lanner provides custom design and manufacturing services along with hardware and software integration to deliver complete systems ready for your end user. By working with Lanner, OEM customers achieve significant reductions in development costs, integration costs, support costs and time to market.

Additionally, our commitment to quality in custom manufacturing ensures that all Lanner products are produced to precise specifications and rigorous quality standards.


Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance


Lanner's quality assurance procedures include the regulation of the quality of raw materials, assembly procedures, testing procedures, production management and inspection processes. Lanner's QA team is well-versed in the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach to quality and we have extensive experience and a proven track record of customer and independent audits.

Some of the many ways we ensure product reliability include:
  • Design verification
  • In-line failure testing
  • Extended burn-in procedure
  • Statistical control of errors
  • Deep analysis of quality practices

Quality Certificates

Lanner maintains numerous quality certificates demonstrating our commitment to design and manufacturing quality, continuous improvement and environmentally friendly production processes.

Quality Systems

Lanner quality systems are organized into several subcategories that correspond to relevant R&D, manufacturing and customer service-related departments, so that quality issues are addressed in the shortest time possible, and that quality and consistency are incorporated into every step of the design and manufacturing process.

Design Quality Assurance (DQA)

DQA focuses on new product development processes to ensure quality is built in during the product design stage.

Quality Control

Quality Control focuses on maintaining quality throughout the production process, and includes thermal testing, drop testing, burn-in procedures, equipment maintenance and calibration, and other systems for ensuring ongoing end product quality. QC constantly feeds quality-related issues to R&D for improved product performance and compatibility.

Technical Support

The Technical Support Department responds to spec, setup, driver and document inquiries to maintain and enhance customer satisfaction. TSD handles customer complaints and issues, and maintains a comprehensive database of issues for continuous product quality improvement.

Continuous Improvement Processes

Lanner provides focused resources and corrective action plans to continuously improve quality testing results.

Data Collection and Reporting

Data collection and reporting is performed for each manufacturing operation. Data is collected, reported and analyzed in yield rate reports and distributed to customers for each work order. Data collection contributes to continuous quality improvement by incorporating a number of distinct but linked systems. The Shop Floor Information System, Abnormal Notice Process and the e-Maker system (e-Service and e-RMA systems) work together to provide thorough data for continuous quality improvement.

Closed Loop Corrective Actions (CLCA)

The CLCA system defines a quality process flow that integrates all of the specific quality systems to provide feedback to R&D and manufacturing for continuous quality improvement.

Online Engineering Request/Changes

The engineering change system is linked to Lanner's ERP system to control engineering changes and rework requests, ensuring that engineering changes are incorporated into future design and manufacturing processes.

Preventive Management System

The Preventive Management System ensures that all factory floor equipment is properly calibrated and performs within defined operating parameters. It is also responsible for maintaining the capacity of factory employees and conducts training and evaluation to ensure all factory employees adhere to established quality procedures.
  • Equipment Maintenance System
  • Calibration Management System
  • Manufacturing Replacement Parts Management System
  • Training Practices

Green Product Management System (GPMS)

The Green Product Management System ensures that Lanner products and manufacturing processes are in compliance with environmental regulations including RoHS.
  • IQC & OQC Inspection - Handheld X-ray Fluorescence spectrometers
  • Green supply chain management
  • Green component data management system
  • Inspection equipment for RoHS

Component Qualification and Control System

Lanner component qualification processes employ the latest inspection equipment to ensure the quality of materials and components prior to manufacturing, and to inspect semi-finished components during manufacturing. Handheld and benchtop X-ray fluorescence spectrometers are used to detect levels of regulated substances for RoHS compliance, and all materials and components are rigorously inspected to ensure purity and conformance with strict material composition limits.

eRMA System and eSupport System

These online systems allow customers to track issues in real time, keep up to date on improvement progress and maintain control of quality issues conveniently and instantly, from anywhere in the world.


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