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The following process will assist you in completing a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request on this site. Once you have completed the request, you will be contacted within 2 business days (via email) with your RMA number and the information necessary to return your defective product.


1. Please read Lanner (USA) RMA Policy before submitting.

2. You MUST obtain an RMA number before returning your product to Lanner (USA).

3. This service is only available within the USA. Product purchased outside the USA, Lanner (USA) will return freight collect.

4. This online RMA process is for warranty repair of defective product only.

5. Please verify all of the information you are submitting to ensure it is complete and correct. Any discrepancy(s) will delay your request and could cause your request to be denied.

Read and accept terms above and Lanner (USA) RMA Policy to continue:
I accept the terms in the RMA Policy

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RMA Request

Step 1 Contact Info
Step 2 RMA Request Form
To request an RMA number, please complete the form below.
  1. Enter product model (i.e. FW-XXXX V1.0) to the Product Model box. For each RMA request, a maximum of five different product models can be entered.
  2. Enter system serial number (i.e. LR123456789012) to the Serial Number box. Within a same model, multiple units can be entered in this box separated by commas.
  3. Invoice Number is optional for reference.
  4. Describe each issue in detail in the Detailed problem description box. If multiple serial numbers are applied in a row, please list each issue followed by its serial number respectively.
  5. Once submitted, you should immediately receive a response acknowledging your request. Upon approval of your request, you will receive an E-mail notification with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and return instructions. The RMA approval process generally takes 1 to 2 working days. You must obtain an RMA number prior to returning your product.
Product model Serial number Invoice number Detailed problem description
Step 3 Submit
To ensure your RMA request is processed promptly, please ensure that all information is complete and correct. Improper information will delay the processing of your RMA request.

RMA Request Status

Ticket number Email Zip

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